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Optical Character Recognition, or OCR, is a tool used in software and during various kinds of digital processing to extract data from invoice and text from images. Using this program/software helps gather data on items like books, magazines and newspapers as well as important records such as passports that may be scanned by a certain company, so you don't ever have to worry about losing precious information.


When your documents are in digital form, scanning is just the first step. It creates a picture of the document, but that image – and the data it contains – isn’t editable or searchable. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) turns pictures of your original paper records into structured data that you can then easily play with using electronic tools like spreadsheets or word processors.


Point of sale for liquor stores is a critical aspect of retail business operations and helps determine how profitable a particular business can be. It is not simply a cash register, but rather it provides sales trending, inventory management and other functions to help preserve and increase profits. POS systems can integrate with most hardware platforms with help of invoice processing OCR to ensure security on all data transmitted between the store and an online sales platform or back-end database for example. With these solutions, retailers can focus on retaining customers through organized marketing campaigns, improved customer service features and better tracking of demographics that have flocked to their storefront in the past. Cloud-based point of sale solutions offers reduced costs as well since everything from software updates to system configurations occurs remotely saving infrastructure costs for clients across the country as well as around the world.


One of the perks of using cloud-based POS solutions is that you can create a network of systems that automate many issues for your business and automatically communicate in real-time. For example, nothing would be more annoying to customers than having to search for waiters to obtain their orders and having to wait at their table as opposed to modernizing your business with online ordering and being seated instantly. Those who own busy restaurants will benefit from automated reservation services as well as POS systems designed to integrate flawlessly that would alert the waiter about their specific order at the bar or send text message notifications about a customer's order is ready.


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